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I hold an MFA in Acting from the University of Texas at Austin.  I am a Certified Voice Specialist and a member of VASTA, and have worked with all ages as an acting or voice coach for about 15 years. As an acting or voice coach, I am nurturing in my approach and truthful in my feedback.  I tailor the work to the needs of the student, and strive to empower the student while providing them with applicable tools that they will be able to use at any given moment.

Currently, I am on staff at NYU teaching Voice and Speech at Stella Adler Studio of Acting, NYC .  I also teach in the Stella Adler Studio Conservatory programs (Day Conservatory, Evening Conservatory, and Teen Conservatory).  I have taught Direting the Actor and Performance Strategies with NYU, Tisch/Kanbar Undergraduate program for TV/Film; acting for the CAP 21 Professional Training Program and NYU program; and acting and Voice/Movement for Pace University. For two summers, I taught acting and voice and served as Associate Education Director with the Powerhouse Apprentice Program    at Vassar College; and have also worked with kids and teens at John Robert Powers, NY, where I taught TV/Commercial Acting, Scene Study, Film Acting, Cold Read, and Monologues.

I serve as Director of Teen Programs at Stella Adler Studio of Acting.

I coach private Voice/Speech, Accent Reduction, Acting, and College Audition prep. 

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“Christa’s ever-present passion fills the room.  During the Powerhouse Apprentice Program she taught our voice class and I had the additional opportunity to work with her privately on monologues.  Christa’s teachings continue to resonate with me.  The discoveries I made with her will empower me as I create and take on every new character hereafter.  The honesty in her approaches and her ability to connect to students on a sincerely personal level made every class joyful: a celebration of pushing ourselves past what we thought our abilities to be, a chance to find our fullest voices, and a focused place to create organic connections with clarity, from believing in what we said to fully embracing the need to speak to our partner.  It’s quite difficult to capture Christa’s influence in mere words.  Her mastery is evident in her whole body, not merely the verbal feedback she offers (though her comments are always accessibly articulate).  Her unwavering patience comes from her generosity of spirit, a unique complement to her seasoned professionalism.  Constantly game to dive in and work side-by-side with her students, she exudes a dynamic energy that I now strive to match.  Time spent with Christa is full of ‘Aha!’ moments encouraged by her effervescence, not a judgmental eye or expectation of result.  

As we worked on monologues, Christa helped me build a bridge between my analytical understanding of a character and my expressive abilities.  By being fully present in the space and freeing up my body and voice, I translated the information into my entire body and used every moment to further tell the story.  Christa invited me to live the moments to their absolute fullest while remaining believable and grounded.  Even though her awe-inspiring acting work and demonstrations could lead a student to believe that her approach is ‘the approach’, she artfully fuses a combination of her individual perspective and a search for her student’s unique strengths and points of entry.  Christa led me to an essential realization: that the beauty in each person is that they bring something different and that my process will always be evolving; while it will combine the lessons I learn from others, it will inevitably be unique to me.  Christa has touched my life and inspired me to believe in what I bring to every character without backing down from the ‘acting challenges’ I used to pin-point and then fear upon reading a script, or more simply put, she invited me to just ‘go for it!’ and urged me to trust every impulse, moment to moment.  Christa embodies the joy and endless possibility of a true theatre artist and shows others how to do the same.” – Leslie Erin Roth, Powerhouse Theater Apprentice, Actor 

"The most valuable thing I learned in Christa's class was how to connect my voice to my emotion.  I had always thought that in order to be truthful I had to speak softly in a normal tone and Christa taught me that I could do so much more with my voice as long as it was deeply rooted.  Her unique vocal and physical coaching helped me use my body to root my voice and open up a whole new range in my acting. After taking Christa's class I am able to access sound and feelings that were not available to me before. Christa helped me to believe what I was saying, and take the "acting" out of my acting."  -Kelly Landry, Voice and Speech,  NYU/Stella Adler Studios

Christa “changed my entire outlook on acting, and I learned that there is so much more than I believed there to be.  Everything (she) taught me/us was just incredible and I loved every second of it.”-Megan Magee, CAP 21 Pre-College Musical Theatre Intensive Program

"Christa has given me the confidence and reassurance that almost there are never such thing as limits while acting...She has given some of the most valuable tools that I will be able to utilize as I pursue my future professional career in acting...Christa also happens to be one of the sweetest, genuine, and nurturing teachers I've ever had...Thank you so much Christa for giving me such a solid, strong foundation upon which I will be able to expand my horizons, not only as an aspiring performing artist, but as a human being."
-Tim Smith, CAP 21 Pre-college Musical Theatre Intensive Program

"Christa was amazingly helpful and taught me exercises that I will use throughout my acting career and throughout life. She is personable and caring and , well, she just rocks!" -Sarah Niarkos, Actor

"Christa not only is an AMAZING performer and director, she also is sooo kind. I always felt so comfortable in her acting class. She not only taught me more about acting techniques and approaches to acting than I have ever learned before, but also made me understand how to get up on stage and do what is suppsed to be done. BE NATURAL. I always overacted before I took Christa's course. After exercises and warmups over a six week period, I tried to just read the lines as a regular person!! After detailed character analysis in our required journal, I understood the character and then portrayed the character as a person, not an actor. Christa helped me do this. I would encourage anyone looking to improve their acting skills, get good feedback, learn new techniques of acting, and to most of all, have fun, to take Christa Kimlicko Jones's course!!!!"- Katy Monaghan, CAP 21 Pre-college Musical Theatre Intensive Program

“ As an Irish actor looking to audition for American roles I worked with Christa to reduce my accent and learn how to audition with a clear confident voice.  Her teaching skills are excellent and she instructs in a friendly and clear style that makes it easy for all to learn!  I would highly recommend all actors, performers and public speakers to consider working with Christa to improve your vocal skills and help you to own the room – every time! “-Jason McDonald, actor

"Christa is one of the only acting coaches I've had who really understands the importance of the actors role in the creative process of directing.  It seems that she never tells you what to do but rather gives you her opinion. Along these same lines she is very down to earth while remaining to be the professional she is. Conversation is really easy with Christa so it provides a wonderful working environment.  This connection produces an excitement over work that seems to be lost in other directors.  Christa knows how a actor works and thinks so she really draws the best out of you and often suprises you as she takes of our blinders to see the world that we work in as actors."-Luke Marinkovich, CAP 21, actor

"Christa is one of the most talented voice teachers I’ve had the pleasure of studying with.
I appreciated her patience, and the wonderful exercises she used to get us to interact  with each other.  Her knowledge of the work she is teaching is quite evident……it shows in her own performances.  She actually practices what she “preaches”."-Sue Bilich: actor, singer, voiceover actor and narrator

"Christa is an accomplished performer, as well as a teacher. Her experience and enthusiasm bring a wonderful energy and credibility to her teaching."-Kathy Rose Center, Actor

“Christa is a wonderful voice and acting coach. She provides a comfortable environment allowing the student to dictate the pace of the work. Christa is incredibly insightful as to what can help make you become a better actor and she opens up new and exciting ways to develop characters.”-Kristi Wright, Actor

Christa "helped remove some of the passiveness from my voice and method of conversation.  All in all, [Christa] gave me a reality check of how I prepare and present myself to other people.-Clay Gerngross, Business Professional

"She is a very fun and insightful coach to work with. Her exercises and progression of vocal training simply make sense. She made such an impact that I find myself practicing her exercises every day."-Rich McDonald, Actor

photo credit:  Buck Lewis @ Powerhouse
Christa Kimlicko Jones