"...In particular, Christa Kimlicko Jones shows tremendous nuance and promise as Jablonsky in the lost-in-the-tundra sketch “What’s This Thing Called?..." -NYTheatre.com
Off-Broadway production,
UMBRELLA by L. Pontius
at the Kirk Theater, Theatre Row

"The two actors are wonderful. Christa Kimlicko Jones embodies every sad hipster who wishes the city was more forgiving. Even when silent, she speaks volumes." --Broadwayworld.com

"...the two cast members act up a storm." -- Variety
Off-Broadway production,
HARVEST by David Wright Crawford
at the Beckett Theater, Theatre Row

"...Christa Kimlicko Jones communicates an exuberance and zest for life that warms the stage... " --  Talkin' Broadway
Articles and Features

Feature article in "Seeing Stars" section of NYC United Stages. "The Booths, The Barrymores, The Lunts....The Joneses?"

the dirigo group is "hot, hip, and on the verge", says American Theatre Magazine.

Christa is a featured alumnus on the University of Texas at Austin Theatre and Dance website.

Listed as one of the MVP's (Most Valuable Performers) in the Austin Chronicle.

Featured in the Austin Chronicle for MomFest with co-actor/director, Greg Gondek.

"As Maggie, Christa Kimlicko Jones  does indeed effervesce. Kimlicko Jones fairly radiates on stage; even when she's standing in the upstage shadows or sitting on the big unused bed, this actress demands you watch her."-Robi Polgar, Austin Chronicle (see full review here.)
"Christa Kimlicko Jones is movie-star gorgeous. Raven hair, porcelain skin, arched neck, coruscating eyes -- she brings to mind Elizabeth Taylor one moment, Vivien Leigh the next. And like her glamorous stage-and-screen predecessors, she can act up a hurricane." -Michael Barnes, Austin American Statesman (see full review here.)
"...the ravishingly beautiful, bored, flirtatious and casually destructive character of Hedda — is perfectly embodied in actress Christa Kimlicko Jones." - Michael Barnes, Austin American Statesman (see full review here.)
"And seated above all, often literally, is Kimlicko Jones, whose portrayal of the suave and sophisticated society woman accelerating to pieces is an elegant and forceful bit of acting."- Robi Polgar, Austin Chronicle (see full review here.)
Desire Under the Elms directed by Laura Somers

"...And the stars of the show were truly stellar. Christa Kimlicko Jones was every bit the conniving yet sympathetic sorceress Abbie. She looked the part (i.e., gorgeous), and both seduced and fell to pieces with just the right mix of cruelty and desperation." - Ada Calhoun, Austin Chronicle (see full review here.)
Christa Kimlicko Jones